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Dredging Systems has a range of specialised equipment tailored to mine tailings dams, ponds, council creeks, rivers and marinas. Our equipment is ideal for civil projects such as tight-access wharves and bridges as well agricultural projects where water-flow rates need to be increased. We specialise in removing and disposing of silt, clay, rock and weed. Dredging Systems can work in shallow, muddy water, with equipment that pumps or excavates material to dewatering equipment. We have the capability to dry, remove and dispose of dredged material.

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Amphibious Dredges

Dredging Systems’ amphibious equipment operates as either cutter-suction dredges or floating amphibious excavators. They can pump mud, silt or sand up to 1000m. A booster pump is used for further distances. The dredges are ideal for quickly and efficiently clearing mine tailings dams, ponds, creeks, marinas and rivers.

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Booster Pump

Our booster pump can pump dredge slurry when long distances are required.

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Dewatering / Drying Bags

Dredging Systems’ portable dredge slurry separation system separates water from the dredge slurry. We can pump directly into dewatering geo-drying bags for loading and removal. Please contact our office for more information.

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Mobile Dewatering / Drying Equipment

The portable dredge slurry separation system is used to separate the water from the dredge slurry. The system has a small footprint and can be transported by road. The separation system is continuous and operates mechanically without the need for chemicals. The ‘dry’ material is then stockpiled or loaded directly into trucks.

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Spyder Walking Excavators

The spyder excavator removes weed and sediment from shallow-water or steep sites such as urban ponds, detention systems, wetlands and stormwater culverts.

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Truck Transport

The highly mobile dredges can be transported by truck anywhere in Australia.

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